Different Slot Machine Types

Different Slot Machine Types

Slot machines have two types, one is the straight slot and the other is progressive slot. Generally speaking, these two slots are quite the same except for one particular feature. In the straight slots, the winner is being paid with a preset amount, while on the progressive slots jackpot prize grows and grows for every coin being played.

More often, a lot of progressive slot machines feed only to a single pot where the single machine have the chance to win big and the stake increases overwhelmingly. This can be a combination of various machines inside a casino or it can also be joined to the same machine in the whole community. Progressive slot machines can be distinguished by updating the electronic payoff in a regular basis. It is shown above the combination or above the machine.

There are different kinds of machines and regardless of whether you choose a straight slot or progressive slot machines, the players has no choice but to face a lot of different options. Slot machines may differ on the reels, number of coin plays, coin denomination and whether they offer a single or a a lot of pay lines. The most well know slot machine is the quarter and dollar. It is located in almost every corner of the casino. The nickel slot machines can be found in many casinos, however, some of them can be a bit costly due to the number of coins that are needed to play the game.

A straight slot machine is consist of 3 reels, but, some casinos provides more reel options. The number of symbols and number of reels determines the frequency and the possibility of having a winning combination. Basically, the higher the number of the symbols and reels, the harder it is to bring home the jackpot prize.

An average slot machine works with a minimum amount of coins which is usually 2 or 3. But, there are some machines, especially the new ones that requires a maximum 100 coins for a play and a payoff. There are some slight modifications in the context of using multiple coins in some machines. In other slot machines, the coin value is equivalent to the payoff, while in some it is a bit higher than the proportional. A single coin jackpot doesn't have a pay-off.

Slot machines differ in so many context. Regardless of what machines you choose to play, it is a guarantee that you will enjoy the game and have fun.

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