Learn the Language of Slots

Learn the Language of Slots

While the nature of the game has not changed, the slot terms vocabulary has grown and expanded through the years. Some of the most commonly used words include the following.

Bonus Game:

This is a slot term that is used to describe machines that have additional game options installed. These games open up when you hit certain symbols, and although most involve spinning reels, others have different options.

But a Feature

This is similar to the bonus game feature in slots, except that this one will only be available if the maximum number of coins are played. However, in exchange, the bonuses are usually bigger.

Buy a Pay

This slot term is used to describe machines that offer numerous winning combinations; again it works only when players play for the highest allowable coins or credits.


A carousel refers to slot machines that are clustered together. Most players believe that these are among the loosest or highest paying machines in casinos.

Coin Free Play

As the name makes clear, instead of using coins, people play with tokens or credit.

Just as with coins, you plug in the credit or token into the machine (with one credit being equal to one coin). When you win you are also awarded credits which you will convert to cash later on by clicking the Cash Out button.

Low Level

This refers to slots where you can sit while playing.


It is a slot term used to describe the container that takes in the coins.


A type of machine whose payout is determined by the number of coins that is played by an individual.

Pay for Play

These slot machines are the type that increase the bonus and pay as more coins are inserted into the machine.

Pay Table

This is where the payouts, winning symbols, and other bonus features are described. Make sure to check these out before you begin to play, so you will know exactly what you're getting into.


When a machine tilts, it usually means that it has run out of coins, and a a light will come on. At this point an attendant will come to check on the machine.

Video Slot Machine

This is a machine that makes use of a video screen, similar to video arcade games.


This is used to denote the regularity of the jackpot in a machine.

Being knowledgeable about the game comes from one's familiarity with the jargon. Keep yourself updated on slot terms, and you'll never be left behind.

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