Inherit Big Money with My Rich Uncle Slots

Inherit Big Money with My Rich Uncle Slots

All of us have the dream of making it big one day and perhaps this dream translates when we play slots. When we play slots, aside from just doing it for fun, we can't erase our desire to win, to make it big with every game. My Rich Uncle slots let us live out our dream of becoming rich as we get caught in the story of Uncle Mega Bux's nephews and nieces who were the recipients of his vast fortune.

The story behind My Rich Uncle slot is that Uncle Mega Bux left his fortune to his nephews and nieces. But like any fairy tale, before the happy ever after ending, the nephews and nieces embark on a journey to keep their inheritance from lawyers who want to get their share of the pie. The entertaining My Rich Uncle slot is another one of International Game Technology's video slot machines.

My Rich Uncle slot has 9 paylines and 5 reels with a maximum bet that varies. Once the player bets the maximum number of coins, they get the chance to win the jackpot of ten thousand coins. My Rich Uncle slot has incredible graphics and sounds that are sure to keep the player caught in the excitement of its story line.

The icons to watch out for in My Rich Uncle slots are the Uncle Mega Bux icons. When 2 to 4 of these icons appear in one payline, the Will Reading bonus round starts and so does the opportunity to win big prizes. In this bonus round of the My Rich Uncle slot game, the player has to select a family member who is also a potential beneficiary in Uncle Mega Bux's will. Once the player has selected the character, the lawyer responsible for the will, will reveal how much inheritance that character will get and they will also be given an object. If the object given is incidentally the same object that the player's character wants, then this is additional bonus which is added to the player's grand total. Be careful though for there are many unscrupulous characters in the My Rich Uncle slot game that are going to be saying a lot of bad things about the character the player has chosen, all in an attempt to get the inheritance.

For those who enjoy video slots with a comic twist and full of adventure, then My Rich Uncle slot is the evident choice. This game is similar to most video slots out there but has a definite winnable jackpot.

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