Reminders for Slot Machine Players

Reminders for Slot Machine Players

Because playing slot machines require no more than just putting in some coins through the machine and pressing the lever, are tips and strategies even necessary? Yes, because by using these hints and pointers, you will become a better and more profitable player.

1. Read the rules for the slot you will play.

This is probably the most overlooked aspect of the game, and it is unfortunate, because players end up missing on a lot of potential prizes. For example, players often play the minimum allowed to "save" coins, but most machines offer special prizes for playing the maximum allowable.

A good example is the 777 combo. Most slots offer special payouts when you hit these numbers, but you will be entitled to the highest bonus only if you played with the max coins. Playing less than that will win you some cash bonuses, but not as much as you could have had you chosen to play the maximum number of coins. This rule applies to virtually all the machines, from progressives to the video slots.

On the other hand, if the machine does not offer any special bonuses for playing the max number of coins, then you can opt to mix and match the coins you use for each spin.

2. If there's a slot tourney, join and play.

Casinos frequently hold slot tournaments, and it is always a good idea to participate in them. There may be some rules variations, but in general it is composed of several rounds, with the winner being the one who scored the highest on the credits allotted to them.

The great thing about slot tourneys is that the prizes are distributed, usually among the top three or sometimes even the top five. It's not unusual for these events to give out as much as $30,000 for first prize. Aside from the prizes, playing here will improve your hand to eye coordination, crucial to the game.

3. Use your comp card when you play.

Comps are the giveaways that casinos provide for players. These can consist of items or merchandise, or it may come in the form of points that you earn while playing. It won't take you long before you accumulate several points, which will allow you to get even more freebies.

There are other things that you should remember as you play, including keeping track of the coins you have and keeping focused on the game instead of chatting on the phone, eating or drinking. Use these slot tips along with your betting strategies, and more often than not you'll get the results you want.

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