The Myth of Loose Machines in Slots

The Myth of Loose Machines in Slots

A payback represents all the percentage which slot machines give to the players. Many people believe that a loose slot machine can give a very high payback than most of the slot machines. Is a loose slot machine real or is it just a myth?

Many slot players have speculated among themselves that they can tell where a loose machine can be found. Several myths about the existence of loose slot machines in casinos proliferated. However this is just a myth and there are some good reasons why many people believe it. The following are the common reasons:

1. There is a loose slot machine among the many tight slot machines. People seem to tell that there is a loose machine because they get lucky on one machine but not on the others.

2. The tight slot machines will also give the players in that one loose slot machine all the money they have inserted. Some even believe that you can win by playing all the machines in a simultaneous manner.

3. There is a myth that a loose slot machine is usually placed near the entry of the casino so when someone wins many people will witness it thus encouraging them to play more. This was probably a myth that came about because back then there were casinos which put slot machines near the street where passersby can see people playing slots. This was a marketing strategy. This is a myth today because the modern casinos have many entry points and to place all slot machines in each entrance is not possible.

3. The slot machines placed close to the tables are usually tight. People believed this because the players on the games on the tables will get distracted once a slot player wins. The other reason could be players seeing slot winners might choose to play slots instead of playing the table games.

4. Machines found on the ending of one row of machines tend to be loose. The reason is also the same that casinos would like more people to witness the winners getting the jackpot. This would encourage people to play the slot machines.

5. The slot machines near the food buffet are usually not loose. The reason for this is that people queuing for food is not interested in playing the slot machine.

6. Slot machines close to the cage of the casinos are usually loose. This is also a myth which was formed because people think casinos want customers to see the jackpot winnings as they are falling in line so they will get more chips.

The decision of the placement of the slot machine is made by the vice president of the casino. They know about the common myths of where people think the loose slot machines are placed and they can put them in a location not popular to people so people would try to guess where they are and play more.

Nobody can really tell whether a slot machine is loose or not. You can only tell if a slot machine is indeed loose if you use a huge amount of money to play with in one machine for hours. Trying to seek a loose slot machine could be rewarding in the end but do not forget that Slot is a casino game which involves more luck.

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