Slots: The Game for All Seasons

Slots: The Game for All Seasons

From coast to coast all over the world, players of different nationalities happily pull away at the lever of the slot machine, a distinctly American invention they nostalgically refer to as the "one-armed bandit."

In the early days, these slots were heavy mechanical devices made of cast iron, rods, wheels, springs and gears. These early game machines immediately became a hit that soon, it had to be redesigned to bring down production cost. Its cabinet was made of elegantly stained hardwood with brass fittings. In an ironic twist of fate, these early game devices were banned in the state of its birth, which is California. But the slot machine was not meant to fade into obscurity for the state of Nevada welcomed it with open arms, and the rest is history. Today, these vintage slots models have become expensive collector's items that specialized companies restore to their former glory.

The slots of yesteryears have come a long way and have invaded the Internet as well. While retaining their outward appearance, these machines are now actually computerized beasts that run on micro chips and random number generators.

The tremendous appeal of slots to people of different ages from different nationalities in different eras cuts at the very core of man's fascination to what it finds exciting, suspenseful and entertaining. People find it very appealing that for an investment of just a few coins, they could spin the reels which have the potential of making them a big winner of a life-changing jackpot prize. What could be more entertaining than dropping a coin, expectantly pulling on the lever, then feeling the adrenaline rush as the reels start spinning and as they slow down, the excitement mounts in anticipation of the outcome of the final reel pattern.

Players who get so absorbed with pulling on the lever and seeing the reels spin tend to forget the concept of time and the value of money. That is why even if slots is a game that requires no skill to play and win, strategies well developed not to master the game, but primarily to control the self and the emotions that rule reason when playing slots. These are the strategies on bankroll management, the strict observance of win and loss limits and slowing down the rate of play.

Online slots, which have posed a serious competition to real casino slots in recent years, because of their accessibility, affordability and convenience, made the game even more addicting. The playing strategies designed to conserve your bankroll, increase your staying power and chances to win must all the more be observed in conjunction with scrupulously discerning which online sites are reputable and trustworthy.

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